In my composer training i now reached a point where i begin to write Bach Style Inventions and afterwards hopefully Fugues to establish an intuition for form and style of the baroque epoch. I personally like that also very much and tried it with pen and paper already. But for a starter, who not can oversee a piece at one large scale (like the advanced composer standing on the summit of “form”) it turns out a mess on the paper while moving and removing stuff there.

I now hope that I am able in Dorico to select a certain passage in a voice and drag´n´drop the sequence of pitches to another place; afterwards grab a second sequence at another place and drop them back to the place of the first sequence and the pitches in front and back move to create space. For this functionality i see a great lack currently in my Sibelius license. I personally see it now more as a display for a complete idea, not an experimental lab. But a tool of creation is just what a musical inventor seeks and it should support him in this adventure. I see melodies like physical objects with an outer shape and an inner nature which harmony lets experience from manifold and surprising perspectives.