Selection delete request

Hi,I’d like to avoid using the mouse.

When I delete a note, selection is lost. Since Dorico 1.0.10 we’ve been able to select the leftmost visible note by using the arrow keys, which is great. But if I’m right at the beginning of a new flow, the previous flow will be selected. I don’t know if there’s a way to jump selection into the next flow, is there?

My request is: When I delete a note I’d really like the resulting rest(s) to stay selected.

I see that if I’ve selected a rest, the DEL key will be handy as an “unselect” key, though I’d expect the ESC key to have this function. If you consider the DEL key to act as both “delete” and “unselect”, I wish you could throw in a check to unselect only if nothing but rests is selected.

Yes, I agree this would be a good improvement, and we’ll see if we can take care of this in the near future.

I do find the current behaviour annoying. Any update on this, Daniel?

By the way, I’ve watched John’s preview of Dorico 1.2. If you do something, you do it right, don’t you? Looking forward!

There’s no update on this, no. It won’t be different in Dorico 1.2.