Selection Difficulties

I’m having real problems with Dorico’s selection interface. I often run into things overlapping, such as text or articulations with harp pedalling or meter (when the time signature is hidden, it’s displayed above the bar, so anything that’s placed in the same general area is often so hard to select, I have to unhide the time signature, make whatever changes I need, then re-hide it, and same with harp pedalling). I’m not sure what the solution here is, but it’s a common UI hurdle for me, unless there’s some way to change it’s behaviour? Thanks.

Could you show us some examples? Either a sample document, or screenshots?

Also, are you talking about Dorico on the desktop, or iPad?

You can hide Signposts in the View menu, or with the Hide Invisibles key (usually the ` backtick).

I run into this occasionally. I find it helps to increase the view - hit Z to increase the zoom. Also, are you using the lasso method of selecting? That can definitely “pick up” more than you might want. I find command-click (Mac) a bit more precise, if a smidge longer to complete.

When two items overlap above the staves, I sometimes find that selecting both and then pressing the Tab key will rotate the selection between them.

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You can Shift-Alt/Opt-click to cycle between selecting different overlapping items.

Or, make a larger selection and use filters.