Selection drags behind

When I input notes with midi kb the caret/cursor jumps to the next beat alright but the “selection” remains in the note left behind. How can I change this so that it does not happen and the selection becomes void or for the new beat/caret position. When I for instance press dot for the new note the previous note gets dotted. Very confusing, the “Pitch before duration” doesn’t help much having its own oddities. Thanks.

Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Specify accidental, rhythmic dot and articulations > Before inputting note.

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Thanks! Should be the default behavior IMHO.

It is if you’re using Duration before Pitch.
If I remember correctly, Finale’s Speedy Entry functionality (which is Pitch Before Duration) does rhythm dots after the note rather than before. Dorico does this the same way in order to make life easier for those switching from Finale. Now you know where the option is, of course.

It’s a different game when you enter notes with kb as then it doesn’t jump to the next slot by itself as it does with midi keyboard. With kb it really doesn’t matter that much. Maybe there is a setup that makes the caret jump with kb too but I haven’t had that setup set up. After starting to use a “midilab” the situation changed.

I suspect the difference you’re describing is to do with having chord mode turned on (Q), which isn’t specific to the use of a MIDI keyboard vs a qwerty keyboard (though you’re less likely to use chord mode in conjunction with a MIDI keyboard).

Alright, maybe so. My learning of Derico goes in baby steps.

Is there a Tip (or two) of the day setup somewhere, that could be useful for those who don’t want to spend days reading user manuals?

I mean, there’s a weekly Tip thing on the website here but it’s not focused in the way the manual is.

Alright, that’s good to know. Thanks!

I suspect the difference you’re describing is to do with having chord mode turned on (Q),

Yes, you are right, my tired self didn’t get this right away. Indeed, I need to have the chord mode almost always on. EDIT: when using qwerty.