Selection filter for slurs and tuplets

Is there a way have slurs and tuplets not a part of default selection?
I often find that while I’m making a point and click selection of a note, measure or passage to modify (to add dynamic, change duration, or edit with properties panel) and I’m not able to do what I need to do as expected because a slur or tulplet is selected, changing the intended position of my entry, or, in the case of tuplets, that my desired properties don’t display.


Yes, this can be frustrating from time to time. Sometimes zooming in will get you a better aim, and sometimes I use shift-option(alt)-click to rotate through objects overlapping each other. In general, I think the clickable area for many objects is too large. If you click a notehead (and really try to hit only the notehead), you often end up selecting adjacent noteheads and other objects.

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The problem with the way selecting works is that it is unpredictable. Even after a year of carefully observing what I get when I click here, or here, zoomed to this size or this size, I am still surprised half of the time. This is a sign of ineffective design. I’m sure if I knew the tech specs of exactly the area around the tip of the arrow that will select – and exactly the area around objects by which they can be selected – I could understand the logic and get along with it. But as of 4.2 it is still an unpleasant guessing game at reasonable zoom sizes.