Selection highlight stops working

This has just started happening to me recently- selections no longer turn orange. As you can see in the gif, Dorico seems to know what I’m selecting, it just doesn’t turn orange. It seems to occur randomly and restarting fixes it, but it happens frequently enough to be a hassle. Anyone experienced this?

Try toggling the Hide Invisibles key - it sometimes gets stuck.

The “hide invisibles” key is (on an English keyboard, anyway) the key to the left of the Z key on the bottom row of the keyboard. On a Mac, that’s ` (backtick); on Windows it’s often ** (backslash).

On the Apple US keyboard, which is what usually gets provided in Australia unless you specify something different, the backtick key is between the “esc” and “tab” keys, ie to the left of the “1” key.

Thanks all, I tried toggling it and so far so good!

I can now confirm that when the problem happened again, toggling hide invisibles fixed it immediately.