Selection in Audio montage possible ? (WL E7)

Hello Philippe,

I am currently exploring the audio montage more in depth in WaveLab Elements 7
(with the help of the WL 6 manual and the WL7 help-file).
So far I can get along, and sure there are some features not available in WL E7.
One question though:

-Is it possible to define a selection inside a clip in the audio montage of WL E7 ?
And if so, how ? :confused:

Some of the menu entries like “View/Scroll to/Start of Selection” or “Transport/Skip Options/Skip Selection”
and “Transport/Stop&Loop Options/Stop at selection start” etc. seem to indicate, that it is possible,
but I can’t seem to figure out, how to do it ?

Thanks for your continued help.


A selection in a montage is an interval of time, but is not tied to any particular track or clips; so a selection “inside a clip” is not possible.

A time selection is made, for instance, but dragging with the left button over the time required, starting in either a blank track or the top half of a clip (dragging in the bottom half of a clip moves it).


Thanks, Paul.
So this is how it works in WaveLab 7,
but it doesn’t work like this in WaveLab Elements 7.
Actually I haven’t found a way so far to made a time selection anyhow in WL Elements