Selection issue in layout dialog

Precond: Have some (>3) layouts. macOS 13/German/Dorico 5
Steps to reproduce:

  • Go into edit/engrave mode with e.g. last layout selected
  • Open layout dialog
  • On the right side in the dialog, you can see last layout selected (blue)
  • Try shift-select all but first layout

Expected behavior:

  • Multi-select for all but first layout is enabled (e.g. blue)

Actual behavior:

  • Starting from first row, all rows are selected until the row clicked on. I suppose some index is not correctly set on dialog opening based on currently active layout.

Reproduced in 4.3, English.

Yes, we know about this one. It’s been reported once or twice in the past. It’s a problem in the underlying control, and it’s been resistant to our attempts to work around it.