Selection issue

I’ve attached a project that I’ve noticed something peculiar in.

When I select a particular note and press Shift+left arrow, to a note to the left, it jumps and selects four bars instead of the one note.

This issue is at bar 94. I select the E in the Bass Guitar and shift+left arrow to select the D# in bar 93, the highlight jumps all the way back to bar 89.

Does anyone else experience this? Is there a reason for this behaviour?

Selection issue.dorico (936.6 KB)

I have checked out this file from many different angles. At first I thought there was something peculiar about one or more of the time sigs. I noticed the selection action selects back to a double barline, so I tried deleting it: it then extended all the way back to the previous double barline, and so on. And why only this particular note in this staff? I tried deleting all the other instruments, and still it was the same.

Then I hit on one clue: In page view selection behaves as normal! I still have no idea why.

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I know, right?!

I can confirm that behaviour.

Try deleting the barline between bar 93 and bar 94, and then putting it back in (NOT with Undo).

Solves it, thanks. I wonder what the issue was.

Out of curiosity, I added another player (Acoustic Bass Guitar) to the score and positioned it at the bottom of the system, below the original Bass Guitar. The quirky behaviour did not exhibit itself in the original Bass Guitar. When I copied the contents of the original to the new, the quirky behaviour happened. Even when I deleted the entire contents of the new Bass Guitar part and entered random notes, the quirky behaviour happened. It sounds like it might have something to do with being on the lowest staff in the system. To test that theory, I dragged the top player (Alto Saxophone) to the bottom position on the system (in Setup) and the same thing thing happened.

Interesting issue :thinking:
I tried to check with the Library Manager comparing your file with the factory settings and after some time I found out that the bar numbers shown below the system is somehow causing it. If you check in layout options to have the bar Numbers appearing also on the top System, the same strange selection behavior happens with the upper staff too! And if you choose “Show no bar numbers” the issues goes away!.. I don’t know how the bar numbers are connected somehow to the fact of the bar-line deleting solution suggested by @stevenjones01 It must be something not visible that is making Dorico go crazy… Would be very interesting to know what is the cause. (but for now you have your solution of deleting and recreating the barline :grinning:)

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That is indeed odd.
Following on from your observation about showing the bar numbers above the top system, if you check the boxes for all the players for Show above specific players:, it happens on every staff except for the left hand staff of the piano.

Another observation:

If Layout Options > Bar Numbers > Frequency > Show bar numbers: > Every n bars > Interval > is set to 8 or lower, then this odd behaviour (selecting everything on that staff back to the previous double barline) occurs. If it is set to 9 or higher, then it behaves normally (selects only the preceding note/rest).

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