Selection issues

Hi all, I’ve done a forum search but nothing showed up - apologies for duplication - I can’t believe nobody else has voiced my opinion before, and it’s almost certainly on the ‘to fix’ list, I just wanted to make sure.

When I do a shift+click selection, when selecting tied notes - unless I select the first notes in the tie-chain of the final group I want to select (keep up at the back :wink:), Dorico cancels my selection. It’s much more logical (IMHO) to be able to select the final note of the tie-chain as well (most other programs behave like this.) I run into this problem a lot, and it’s a small thing which I nevertheless find quite frustrating.

I’m sure there are bigger fish to fry, but if there’s any info on this issue, I’d be most grateful.



Could you upload a project that exhibits this behaviour, with instructions on exactly where to click, please?

I can’t see the problem here, in the first tie-heavy project I pulled up:

This is a guess why you are having problems:

If the last note in a tie chain is the only thing in a bar, clicking anywhere in the bar won’t work, because the “note” belongs to the first bar in the tie chain and from Dorico’s point of view you can’t “select everything in the bar” because there is nothing in the bar to select. You have to click on the tied note, as in Leo’s demonstration.

Thanks both, great replies - very much appreciate the help.

Ah, the old Dorico and ‘Schroedinger’s tied-notes’ issue again. Got it. Those notes are there, but they’re also simultaneously not there, and you’ll only find out when you click them :laughing:

Thanks for the demo Leo - I just have to click the notes (as opposed to anywhere in the bar). It doesn’t feel quite right to me (is this just learned behaviour from Sibelius?) but as I said it’s such a minor issue I’m sure I’ll get alongside it eventually…

Cheers :slight_smile: