Selection length

Hello group,

Is there any way to see the length of a selection with the range tool and between the locators?


Between locators…

Show Time Display (in devices menu)
Set time display to seconds (if needed) In Device Menu>Device Setup
Toggle between 1 and 2 on numeric keypad (with Num Lock on). This moves cursor to locate points. I guess Mac is same as Windows in this regard?
Beginning and end time shows on screen, subtract position 1 from 2

Alternately, switch ruler - at top of arrange page to seconds (right click)

Thanks Parrotspain,

Of course I can subtract the 2 values, it’s easy to do when working with round values. When working with timecode, it’s quite annoying to do the maths…

I am wondering if there’s a way to know it without doing the maths.

If you use the range tool, start, end and lenght should be displayed in info line.

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Thanks for that, you got it. Thou it could be nice to have the length between the locators showing somewhere in the transport…

I was just wishing for this myself. I have a part of X Bars and X Beats and it would be very helpful to know the length of that selection bars and beats, TC, seconds, etc.

We’re looking for a display of the length of a selection to be displayed in any of the time formats we might need.

There are time code calculators , for example, (simple example, not endorsement), but I’d like to know the absolute length of a selection in whatever time values I need to see at the moment, bars/beats, time code, real time, etc.

Hello! I recently discovered this for myself, I hope it will also be interesting for you. Here, in the “Arranger Editor” you can see the duration of the sound of individual parts or full song.

Hey Everyone - I found an easy way to do this that might help someone else:

  1. Set the locators to the area you want to measure (I typically use the selection tool and then hit ‘P’).
  2. Open the “Tempo Track” (Command + T)
  3. Click on the “Open Process Tempo Dialog” box in the toolbar.
  4. In the “Process Range” box, it shows the length at the bottom.

I hope this helps someone!

Thank you dbushe… that works a treat… just what i was looking for :smiley:

Range Tool + Select Range + Info Line :wink: