Selection moves unexpectedly to previous track when recording

I have had this bug for years!
I record a MIDI track using mod wheel to control some parameter, I then select another track hit record and use the mod wheel to record another track, and when I stop I see that Nuendo/cubase has recorded on top of the old track!!!
It’s so annoying, and it’s an OLD bug!! We have talked about it here and in the Cubase forum many times, come on Steinberg deal with it!!

Do you have a repro sequence to post, or can you link to a topic with one? I just tried what you described and did not see this behavior.

Yes I have a link:

First I record Vl 1 and the go back to the beginning. at 00:20 in the video I hit the down arrow and Nuendo moves down to next track and I hit record. The moment I touch the mod wheel, Nuendo goes back to Vl 1, the first track.
I have had this behaviour on and off for years!

I meant a link to a bug report There’s not enough info in the video, at least for me, to fully understand what’s going on.


Okay here is a new Video: Dropbox - Recording problem Nuendo.mp4 - Simplify your life
And I don’t have a link to a bug report, I kind of hoped that you will help me.! :innocent: :innocent:

Regards Stig Christensen MUSICMIND

The text you took the time to put in the video would be better placed as text in your post.

Sorry buddy, I don’t have time to figure it out from the video, and I can’t reproduce it with the info given. You mentioned there were other posts about it in the forum, but haven’t posted a link to one.

I’ll give you some troubleshooting questions to ask yourself though:

Can you reproduce it

  • in a new project empty except for the tracks involved?
  • After starting Cubendo in Safe Mode?

(I’ll modify the title to one that describes the subject of this topic.)