Selection of Correct updates on Installer

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I’m just downloading the update now for Dorico 2, the latest version. However, I’m a little confused as there is Dorico Pro 2.2.10 and Dorico 2.2.10. I am now downloading both of these, but I’m wondering, is there a difference? Should I be downloading both Dorico Pro 2 and Dorico 2 updates? If not, how do I know if I have Dorico pro 2 of Dorico 2?

Sorry, this may look like a really dumb question, but I have suddenly realized, by checking my apps in Windows 10 that it just says Dorico 2 on my list, so I just want to make sure I download the correct updates.

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Steve :slight_smile:

Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements share the same installer. I believe you have a Dorico Pro license, so you only need to download and install ‘Update to Dorico Pro 2.2.10’ from Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks, Daniel for that information, that’s great to know as I’m presently doing the download. I’m also at the moment doing a search for the Dorico mixer. I’m wanting to export an orchestral score as audio that uses Noteperformer 3 in Dorico. I’ve been able to find the mixer etc, but just wanting to know, if we can raise and lower volume levels while playback is on, and “write” or record these movements, and then when we hit export audio, will these movements also be heard in the exported audio file. I’ve just watched the YouTube video on the Dorico mixer which is excellent, and also searched the online Dorico manual and I’m not sure if I’m searching the correct terms. As I’m still not sure that we can automate/write in it though. Thanks if you could let me know.

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Hi Daniel.

from what I can see, this is not possible with the mixer from looking through the online manual anyway. So please do not worry about replying, as I believe I may be correct here.

thank you for your help with updating.

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