Selection of pre or post fader for effects

Hello group,

I use a few external Mastering pieces, one of them is a remote set of Dorrough meters. I used them regularly for mixing from my DAW, pre-fader, so that i could listen to the speakers at differing volumes and not change the level to the meters with the Master fader. Now mastering with WL10, it seems essential to be able to select pre or post for an external device (or for any plug-in, for that matter) in WL Pro 10.

If not, I think this would be an essential feature that should be added, the sooner the better.

Just my $.02, thanks for any help.

Wade C.

You mean, to have the master section faders pre or post effects?

I’ve attached a picture of the Master Bus (2-Bus) in my DAW. The little modules called “External Effects Send” and “External VU Meters” are the ones I added to the Master Bus to provide external “sends” to my outboard hardware. “External VU Meters” that I use for my meters, the “Post” box is dark on that one, indicating that it is “pre-fader”. This is a great feature for me, very useful for external metering at any output volume.

For my use, having the feature only in the “External Effects” would be more than enough. External Effects in WL is a powerful feature in itself, is one of the primary reasons why I came over to the Steinberg side!

Thank you again for you patience, Philippe.