Selection of tied notes


When I select single notes which are tied with other notes, all notes and the tie(s) are selected. Is it possible to just select one tied note when I for example want to add a hairpin of the duration of only this single note?


When you want to add a hairpin halfway through a tied note, hit Return to show the caret and then use the arrow keys to move the caret to the desired point, then use Shift+D to open the popover, type e.g. < for a crescendo, hit Return, and then hit Space to advance the hairpin along.

Hi Daniel,

Great, thanks! But will there be a quicker way in future updates? Just select one single note in tied notes, maybe combined with alt or cmd (because it’s really helpful that you can select tied notes together quickly like it is at the moment!), press < or > and there it is? It would be faster if I wouldn’t need the help of the caret as I don’t need it when I only add a hairpin to e.g. a single half note.

But maybe this procedure becomes quicker for me when working longer with Dorico!:slight_smile:

Is it planned that you can move hairpins in write mode like I can do in engrave mode? Would be faster for me if I could make these adjustments without switching the mode.

Thank you very much,

You can move hairpins with Shift+Alt+left/right arrow to make them rhythmically longer/shorter, following the selected note value in the rhythmic grid. You should also be able to move their start positions while maintaining their length with Alt+left/right arrow, but I believe this does not currently quite work due to a bug.

We’re working hard to get things tightened up, so please hang in there.

Thanks, Daniel! Of course I will. You and your team are doing an amazing job, and I’m really looking forward to the next updates!

I also find it very odd that I can’t move the caret to where I want the > to start and put it there.

The input also seems buggy with tied notes.
Sometimes I can input ‘cresc.’ at any point and it will put it at the start of the chain.
Sometimes it will only input with the caret at the rhythmic point of the first note.
Sometimes it will only input with the caret at the rhythmic point directly after the first note (e.g. if the note starts on 3 in a 3/4 bar, the caret needs to be on 3&).

I don’t think there are any bugs in this area. If the caret is visible, then Shift+D will always start the dynamic at the location of the caret. I’m not aware of any counter-examples to this, and they would certainly be bugs if there were. If you can reproduce a problem, please attach the most minimal project file you can in which the problem can be reproduced, and we’ll take a look.

There is a good chance of user incompetence.
If I move the caret to anywhere apart from the first bar, Shift-D and type ‘cresc.’ it doesn’t appear.
If I move the caret to the first beat of the first bar, it doesn’t appear.
If I move the caret to the 1& then ‘cresc.’ appears.
File attached.
Dynamic (171 KB)

Perhaps the issue is that when you are creating a gradual dynamic, such as “cresc.” or “dim.”, you need to hit Space at least once after you confirm the popover so that the gradual dynamic has a non-zero rhythmic duration. Provided you hit Space (which is a good idea anyway as you presumably do want your crescendo or diminuendo instruction to have a definite duration), the dynamic will appear.

Got it! Two weeks in and I’d missed this completely. I knew it couldn’t be as stupid as I was making it!