Selection, Placement, Terminology

  1. There is a chord symbol at the beginning of my score. The score has a pick-up bar. I cannot select the chord symbol because the red time signature overlay (I don’t know what the correct terminology for this graphical element is) obscures it.
  2. The pickup bar ends with an eighth note that ties to a whole note in the first full bar. The chord symbol wants to appear above the eighth note, but I want it to appear over the whole note.
  3. I want the word “throughout” to follow the chord symbol, but the automatic layout prevents me from getting the two text elements to align in a pleasing fashion. I haven’t figured out how to override the default padding for textual elements, and I can’t seem to find the right search terms to do so.

Chain of (650 KB)

  1. Alt-Shift-click allows you to select an item that overlaps with another.
  2. Invoke the caret first, and then you can put chord symbols (or other stuff) at any rhythmic position.
  3. In Engrave mode, select the text object, and in the properties panel, set collision avoidance to be unchecked. Then you can position it anywhere without automatic adjustments that are unwanted.

Thank you!

I see that now. Thank you!

Ah! I was still in Write mode when I looked in the Properties panel and didn’t wee that option. I see it now. Thank you!