Selection question?


I am a little new into Cubase 7.5 and I have a odd thing that has started to bug mee which I hope someone can tip how to solve. Suddenly when I click a part in one track, a part on another track is also selected. It is annoying because if I for example move the part I am working with, the other part is also moved. This must be a setting to avoid this linking or what ever it is.

Look up Convert To Real Copy. There’s a Prefs setting, also.

Maybe you’ve accdentially hit Alt + G in project window when both were selected. Try Alt + U to unlink.


Thank you for the reply, I will check tomorrow. The strange thing is that if I created a new midi track it seems to be linked automatic with another midi track. I did have a error message saying that there is error on the project some time ago, but I just hit continue and it haven’t bugged me. I tried create a empty project and it didn’t occur on that.