Selection rectangle missing from Cubase 7.5

I was editing with the client next to me, and all of a sudden the selection rectangle went missing. If I click and drag wherever, the clips are selected, but I can’t see where the rectangle is. It’s just missing. Same happens when I drag a clip. Usually I see the clip (or a transparent version of it) following the cursor, but now not even that.

Anyone got any idea what happened??

For now a fresh install is out of question because right now I’m working on several projets, so that is a time killer with all the plugins etc…

It’s not entirely a major glitch, but it’s definitely a big concentration killer.

By the way I’m using the 32-bit version on OSX Mavericks (yes its the 32 bit version because my most used plugins are 32bit only)

Many thanks in advance…


No one??? really??? :confused:

Most of us have long moved on from 7.5 so don’t expect an answer. Compared to 7.5, Cubase 9.5 greatly improves CPU and graphics performance on Mac on top of fixing many bugs like this. So maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider upgrading in the future.

Of course it also has a ton of workflow improvements too.

To run 32 bit plugins on modern Cubase, you can use either 32 Lives or jBridgeM.