Selection tool in playmode

Hi, I encounter a little problem. When I use the keystroke S in playmode, the dotted square tool in the red circle is selected. But with that tool I can’t move start and endpoints of a cc line. I can do that with the left sign, the arrow. But I can’t select the arrow with a key command. Is there a way to activate the arrow with a key command, I should like that very much. By the way the arrow tool is an improvement. It is now possible to place the cc points between the 32nd notes, great!

Another problem is, that the keycommands S,L,E and D don’t work at all in the midi key editor in the write mode.

Yes, key commands for the Key Editor tools are Play mode only, because they conflict with existing shortcuts in Write mode. At some point we will make it possible to define your own custom key commands for these tools that will work in all modes, but that may also mean removing the current default key commands used in Play mode, so it’s a bit of a tricky choice.

Thanks, I understand the problem to make a good choice here.