selection tool to create a zone?

Hello! I remember there is a shortcut with selection tool to select a zone in the grid and then with the shortcut create a “zone” for say in some way … I mean instead of using the pencil to draw it :nerd:

exist or im confusing with ableton live feature

Not sure if I understood, but you can hold Alt while the Object Selection tool is selected to draw events (“clips”) on the project window.

You can also double click the area between two loop locators to create an event.

do you mean event or region? But, as Romantique says double click is the only other way I know to create an event between locators. I don’t think there is an equivalent function for range selection.

Ive tried the described options

to duplicate, yes Im used to this one, but what I mean is to create empty parts

You can also double click the area between two loop locators to create an event.

this one is near of what im looking for

What I mean is this:

In Ableton live what Ive do, is

1 Taking selection tool -
2 A selection of an empty part on the playlist (of the size I want)
3 ctrl + shift + M (on windows) cmd + shift + M (on Mac) for create the empty clip,

check video for better understanding

Your video uses flash, I (and others I presume) won’t want to give a one-time permission to activate flash for this. (I leave it off) Please use gif animations instead. I use this, it’s great:

With the Select tool:

  • Set the locators to the start and end positions you want.
  • Double click in the track background.

Using the range tool with “Cycle Follows Range Selection” active (Prefs>Editing):

  • select the range you want,
  • double click in the track background.

This question is very basic, If you learn the Cubase nomenclature by reading the beginning of the manual- it will make things easier for you in the program, and in discussing it here.

I know those options you are mentioning here… I just wanted to know if there was another way like a short cut, because I really like to work with shortcuts

this is what I mean

jump to: 0:22 of this youtube vid

Yes, but holding Alt can also be used to create new MIDI parts.