Selection with multiple lanes

When I have a track with multiple lanes I really can’t figure which parts from which lanes are selected when I select a part from the main track.

those are completely identical copies.
From my intuition, all active parts from all lanes should be selected, since all are played. Especially when moving parts around it’s always possible to have some remaining parts in lanes lying around that weren’t catched by the selection.
If it’s not supposed to be this way, at least a predictable selection should happen, like always the top or always the bottom one, no?
Is there any options to change the behaviour of it, or is misusing this feature for stacking midi-parts just not intended use and cubase doesn’t need to react consistently because I shouldn’t do this anyway?
I’m not entirely sure if I’m missing something though.



The one, which is selected, if you collapse the lanes, is selected. And also the one, you were working on as last.

Yeah, if I select a part from a lane, it stays selected, that’s not what I mean though.
I was talking about lanes closed, nothing selected, and I click on a part. How do I know from which lane the part will be. I can’t find a way to change cubases behaviour in the above example.
When I click the left most part (in the “main lane/track”) it always selects the bottom lane part.
When I click the second part from left it always selects the second lane.
When I click the rightmost part it always selects the top lane.


I know, what you mean.

The one, you were working as last on, becomes selected. So for example if you moved one of the MIDI Part in the lane, this would become selected. Or if you open the editor of the MIDI Part (in the lane), this would become selected. (But not the one, you just selected as the last one.)

Ah, ok, now I see. I thought the last edited may be the one, but I only made changes inside like adding a note and deleting. But it’s the last created, as in moved, or copied, or whatever was put in its place most recently.
Is there anything in the documentation that hints this could be intended?
Or did they assume the order of creation during recording is top to bottom and so the last created is the one that should be selected while it more probably would be the bottom one?

Well at least now I know what it does and why, thanks :slight_smile: