Selections doesn't display

Here’s one thing I’ve experienced since version 1.0 and still do in 1.1.

After a while I can’t make selections in the score. Or, I can, but they don’t display. When dragging a selection with the mouse nothing happens (no marquee) and objects won’t be visually marked when clicking them. But if I do a selection and hit delete it’ll be deleted. So what’s happening is that the screen doesn’t visually respond to the mouse.

After switching score layouts back and forth it works for a while again, until I have to do that maneuver again.

Related to this: Dorico will occasionally seem to lose itself - I can’t select anything, or if I do, all the menu options are grayed out. If I shift to another mode, say to Engraving, then back the Write, all is well. A buglet? It doesn’t really hang me up, so no real complaint.

That’s sort of what I tried to describe… :wink:

Have you tried to select, even though it does not display, and then delete? For me this works, even though the score seems dead.

I can confirm that this happens to me also. I can see the properties panel update, so selections are being made (and edits!) but the score itself doesn’t update until I switch modes.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I suspect this problem, whatever it is, is related to the problem with similar symptoms whereby the playback line stops updating during playback. We have not yet pinned down the cause of that problem. The quickest way to repair it for the time being is probably to switch to another mode and back again, e.g. Command-3 followed by Command-2 to go to Engrave mode and back to Write mode again.

It seems to be related for me as well.

I’ve found that stopping any playback (Space) before switching modes also helps to keep Dorico on the straight and narrow.