Selections, options and plugins

After several years using SLP I think there are some convenience features and improvements that might be well received.

  1. Allow the user to select a region of the FFT spectrum (time especially) by the same method commonly used for selection of text. Click on the beginning or end time, hold the shift key and click on the other end to make the selection.

  2. Once a region of the FFT spectrum is selected, SLP already has arrows to move the selected area forward or backward on the time coordinate, however pressing “play” does not play the relocated area, rather it plays the area that was originally selected. To me, this flaw(?) seems to eliminate the benefit of being able to move the selected area.

  3. Add a simple left-right balance control under each layer in the layers panel.

  4. Add more options for shortcuts to feature selections in the user interface that require mouse clicks. (e.g. normalize, cursor fade, etc.)

  5. Allow more frequency bands in the “EQ Match” feature. (Maybe they’re already a large number I just don’t see them.)

  6. [A little crazy] As a higher priced option, impliment OBS Studio as a vocal-instrument separation plugin. It’s phenomenally accurate.

SLP is an excellent program the way it is. I use it every day. I jsut don’t like using my mouse. / Thanks / G

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