Selective Color Coding/Marking of Page or their margin


Currently in dorico, we can only change page colors or theirs margins of all pages at once.

As in Cubase, It would be nice to be able to change the page colors as we write music in two ways:

  1. Change the color of range of pages based on the sections ( to immiately tell what section of the music we are in). Say section A one color, Section B another, etc.
  2. based on the musical forms ( for calmer part Light blue say climax part gets vibrant color, etc.)

Do I interpret your request (or requests) correctly that you would like to be able to define page color by flow and you would also like to be able to highlight different measures of music (since thematic sections do not always align with pages)?

I know I have seen past requests for the ability to highlight measures in color, but the request to highlight pages by flow would be new.