Selective 'copy info from' in 'Project Info'

Is there a way to use the “copy info from” function in “Project Info” for selected info?
Say copying only the Composer but not the Title?


My workflow for adding a new flow is:

  1. Click add new flow button.
  2. Rename it (from New Flow (1) or whatever).
  3. Select and copy the name before confirming the dialogue.
  4. Apply the new flow creation.
  5. Use the Copy Info From function.
  6. Paste the previously copied name into the Title field.
  7. Edit any other fields that differ from the copied info.

I can’t think of a faster method at the moment, though I do wish that step 4 wasn’t necessary, and I absolutely agree with the request for a selective copy info option.

Thank you for your feedback Dan and Leo! Also for providing your workflow Leo!