Selective deactivation auto-mouse-over feature regarding wheel mouse / screen scrolling

Dear VST-LIVE team,

Currently I am using a notebook with a small touch screen for productive usage of VST LIVE.
Therefor I need to scroll very often to see the whole content of the screen.
To scroll down a screen I am normally using a mouse with a scroll wheel.

During my migration work to shift 250 songs from my old VST host to VST live
I recognized that sometimes the system interpreted the signals of wheel mouse for screen scrolling as input from parameter changes. That means from time to time my wheel mouse is creating unwanted changes within my productive VST LIVE system. It seems that in VST LIVE currently there is an automated “mouse over” functionality integrated which is changing a parameter of VST LIVE in case that the mouse is positioned at this parameter and the mouse scroll is used.

Would it be possible to add a general configuration parameter at the VST live settings which allo to me to configure user specific if I want to use this automated mouse over functionality for the wheel mouse (yes / no).

I personally would prefer to deactivate this feature and to click explicitly with my mouse on a parameter before I want to change the value of this parameter with my wheel mouse / scrolling functionality.

I guess such a configuration feature would help to prevent unexpected configuration changes in a live system which should be protected against unwanted changes which were maybe caused by the current “automated mouse over” feature.

Thanks in advance for your great support and short feeback regarding this topic.

Kind regards

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My +1!!!

… yes, we’ll add that.


Thank you Michael, for you support :slight_smile:

… your request has been added to the next update. Let us know if it will work for you.

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Dear Michael,

Thanks for implementing a setting in the “preferences” menu to deactivat the mouse-wheel:

I just tested successfully :-).

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