Selective scans in MediaBay

Is there any way of determining which kind of files are scanned at various locations?

For example… I have dedicated drives for sample libraries and audio work. It would be very useful to have the instruments scanned from the Sample libraries drive and the Project (.cpr) files from the audio work drive. What I don’t want is to have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of useless audio files clogging up the MediaBay database. A way to exclude file-types from being scanned at certain locations would make this possible.

If this is not possible today, please, consider this a feature request for CB8.

Edit! Follow-up question. How do I change which attribute columns are displayed in the search results section?

According to the CB7 manual (pg.414) this should be done by activating/deactivating an attribute in Attribute Inspector. The only place I can find any activating/deactivating is in “Configure Defined Attributes”. However, this only controls what attributes are displayed in the Attribute Inspector. It does not affect the columns in the Search Results.