Self-service to release orphaned activations

After a couple of recent Windows updates, I had to reactivate Dorico 4 because the Activation Manager thought it’s as a new machine. The previous activation was still present in my account so that a reactivation on another PC wasn’t possible. As far as I can tell, there’s currently no way for the user to release the orphaned activations. Since it can take a few days for Steinberg support tickets to be answered, you’re stuck for some time.
It would be great if the users could release their activations themselves via MySteinberg. Are there any plans to make this possible?

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Releasing activations through MySteinberg is something I hope we can look forward to as the new licensing scheme ripples through remaining Steinberg products and the Activation Manager evolves.

(I’d also like Steinberg to stop using the terms Activation Code and Access Code interchangeably. The casual way this lack of distinction is sometimes used came up again yesterday when Cubase was released and initial communications listed the Access Code as an Activation Code.)

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There are no immediate plans to make it possible to release activations in the self-service area of the web site, but it’s something that may come in the future.

Thank you for the feedback, Daniel. That would be a much appreciated improvement. At the moment, you have to remember to deactivate all products before installing a bigger Windows maintenance update to prevent orphaned activations. Otherwise, you have to open a support ticket every time (which I did two days ago, but it’s still pending).

Definitely would be helpful. I’m stuck this morning after a windows update. Can’t activate Cubase or Dorico