Sell Cubase 5 - boxed set with e-licenser

Hi folks
I have a boxed set of Cubase 5 to sell. It came with 4 discs including; Installation DVD, VST Sound Collection Vol 1, Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1 & 2 (which may have been a trial version).
Product was activated 05/01/2010. I have the usb e-licenser and have just logged into my account here at Steinberg and everything is activated. I think I can remove myself from the e-licenser when I sell it. Can this be re-used?
Two manuals - one referring to Studio and another big Cubase bible. Also includes product license info.
I realise this is a long shot - old software now, but is anyone interested in this sort of product or is it just too old? Might be good as a spare?


Hello. How match du you want for this.
And where are you placed?
Did you have some pictures?
And I’m interested in the Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 too. Maybe somebody have.

Just curious … why are you selling?

This license has not been used to update to a newer version?

Could you provide a screenshot of the eLCC showing the actual license on the USB? (With important info blurred, of course).

If the price is right, it might be worth it for someone to purchase and then update to Cubase 12 to save some money.