Sell Me on Switching from Reason to Cubase Before the Sale Ends

Very interested in jumping in at 50% off, what would I be gaining?


You will get a retail version of Cubase, accordingly to the derivative you will choose.

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You certainly won’t lose anything as you can rewire Cubase and Reason together. I confess to not knowing much about Reason but I would think that on both the Midi side and the Audio recording side Cubase would be waaaaaay more powerful. Plus all the included loops instruments and FX. But I am biased having happily used Cubase for the last 15 years or so😀.

Best Regards, Dave

Best Regards, Dave

They are not the same type of product but they compliment each other nicely. You only lose if you stop using Reason when you get Cubase.

Sell you on Cubase? For 50% off? I’d say if you’ve been thinking about it before, it’s now a no-brainer. Jump on it. And keep using Reason, then add in Cubase as needed. It will give you a different perspective from Reason and will compliment your toolset tremendously. At 50% off, it’s the best price it has ever been. Won’t be back at that price for a long time IMO. If you’re even remotely on the fence about it… just get it and go make music.

Reasons rack is great but I couldn’t stand the sequencing or the mixer. The list of what you’ll gain is massive and you can always still use Reasons rack in rewire.

As said earlier in this thread, Cubase and Reason are 2 completely different ballgames.
I have both for a very long time and always found Reason abit toy-ish and Cubase a very mature and grown-up DAW, with way more functionality
in the audio and midi area then Reason.

I still use Reason but then rewire connected to Cubase.
So i use Reason’s Synth plugins (which i do like) this way in Cubase and that rewiring works just fine.

Just my humble 0.02.

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Depending on what you can afford,each version has different features, (checkout the comparison table) below

But I would say go for the Pro version of Cubase, as its on offer
As it has a lot of great extra features ,such as Expression mapping,Variaudio 3, VCA faders,a whole bunch of great stock plugins,both instrument and fx ones.
Not to mention the very powerful audio and editing tools,the customisation options too,etc,etc.

I’m a fairly new user Of Cubase since June 2018.I bought Cubase Artist 9.5 and was so impressed I bought Cubase Pro 10 as an upgrade (in the winter promo going on ) soon after. :smiley:

Of course as mentioned in the previous posts,you can use Rewire too,and so keeping your Reason software . You cannot have enough tools! :lol

The choice is yours ! :slight_smile: