Sell Me On The Upgrade

Happy (well as happy as an SB user gets :wink: ) 5.52 PC user.

Just downloaded C6 trial. What struck me is how little has changed. I just paid $300 to upgrade from WL4 - 7 and feel that was a bit rich so I’m thinking of passing on what would usually be an ‘automatic’ upgrade for me.

But I’m still open… What are some things in C6 that make it worth $150? What features (or fixes) make you feel FANTASTIC about moving from C5.5… which has been quite stable for me.

So far? The most impressive thing is how much nicer the colours are. But that’s hardly worth $150… well to me, anyhoo.

Dish! What’s so great? :slight_smile:



Did you watch the promo videos?

What’s worthwhile is pretty dependent on what you use in your work flow already.

The bad for me is the change in cycle recording behavior where cycle recording is now focused on very easy comping … at the expense of all kinds of other useful things you could do with it before.

The good for me is the Halion Sonic SE, a much, much improved Loopmash and a faster, more reliable media bay.

Given that I’ve known people who could put $150 up their nose in about 20 minutes … I feel neutral about the upgrade. Probably not really, really worth it … but OK.


I did watch the videos. But… at least in the past… there were always lots of -little- things that made the difference. Sometimes it would be just another couple of key commands (which are VERY important to me). I had hoped that C6 would have the MULTS that Nuendo recently got. Something like -that- would do it for me… OR something really small such as being able to access the Info Line with a key command. Those little things are what make the differnce for me.

I guess I’m hoping someone will chime in with some little things NOT in the promos.


1.tempo detection
2. note expression
3. time stretching
4. better look
5. better quantizing
6. hitpoint detection
7. Halion Sonic SE
8. mixer looks great
9. drum replacement
10. key editor has new options

and many more. Worth every penny. :smiley:

What’s better re. Quantizing? Key Editor? What’s better re. the mixer?

VST Expression? Great idea, but none of the libs I use worked with it.



If you don’t find any of the new features worth upgrading, simply don’t buy it. Isn’t mandatory, is it?

You don’t need us to convince you, it’s better if you try the demo and draw your own conclusions :slight_smile:

There have been some MASSIVE changes to the way that lanes work (for both audio and midi tracks) !!!

Basically, the lanes are now a “one size fits all” comping tool, whether you want them to be or not.
If you do much MIDI composition, or use audio/ midi lanes as an assembly area for jammed-in ideas, then you are in a whole world of pain in C6.

So be sure to check that you can live with these “enhancements” before you part with your cash !!!

I’ve been wondering about the new lanes. It seemed good in one way, but I couldn’t (in 3 minutes) figure out how to get it out of the way.


On the face of it, if you look at the demo and the spec, if you can’t see anything that grabs you immediately then I would put off an upgrade until it looks more interesting or save money until C7, you’ll probably get the same price deal. There are some valuable changes and features but not much over C5 for most things that the average studio does.
The only advantage of getting it now is shortening the learning curve on the new features.

I’m in the same boat and I will certainly take full advantage of the free trial and hope by the end of it I am convinced. After a day with it apart from looking better I cannot see or note any performance improvements CPU is the same on 5 and 6.

What’s giving me grief at the moment is I cannot get a sound out of my Motif Rack ES in 6 with exactly the same settings as 5. I must be missing something somewhere :cry:

I suspect I’m in the same boat. I use Cubase 4 exclusively for MIDI (with a Midex 8 running on Windows 7 Home Premium 32bits, no less).

It seems to me that I would gain nothing, at least as far as MIDI is concerned, by upgrading to Cubase 6.

I would be very glad to hear from anyone who can put a case for upgrading in this situation.

Yeah I also felt the same way. But now that I got it, I love it. The GUI is so much easier on the eyes than 5. The track colors automatically choose the perfect color everytime, I found myself messIng with that a lot in 5. These 2 things alone are worth the 150, but here’s more.
Halion sonic is an awesome plug that you can run your Hso samples through and the interface is a lot easier to use. And the track comping and multi track comping is a huge time saver for me as well.
I’ve only had 6 for a week but so far so great!


Krist Hochburger

Maybe one essential feature is the SOUND.

Cubase 5, in all its incarnations, sounded awful, when any timestretching or pitchshifting is used.

The realtime algo in Mediabay was horrific to say the least.that bad, i have had to use Ableton in rewire mode to preview loops for the last 18 months…after downloading the Cubase 6 demo yesterday…

Sounds Fantastic…ooh I do mean that, you have to be deaf not to hear the improvement over 5 !.

The realtime algo sound really nice,even at slightly hardcore pitchshifts…Cminor to Fsharp minor for eg. (minor loops are easier to hear erratic pitch artifacts in.

The sound quality alone is enough for me to upgrade!.

The graphic overhaul is nice too, with FINALLY waveforms that look almost as nice as wavelab!. :smiley: (still scratching my head as to why it took this long??)

I have 29 more days to go, but after yesterday, I am finally happy to go into the studio and not hear “Mpex”

I will jot down any more comparisions as I go. but it feels stable and sounds nice…what more do we want! :laughing: