Sell UR22 Bundled License

Am I allowed to sell the AI 6 license that comes with the UR22? I bought cubase 7 and don’t need AI6.


yes and no, i gave mine “came with CMC” to a friend so he can upgrade to cubase and join me! the hardware will have to be under there account though…

I saw that appeared you needed to put the serial key under ur hardware to get the license. But then the license can be put onto any eLicenser and then steinberg says you can sell licenses on eLicenser, is there something from stopping me from doing that?

The ai doesn’t use the e licenser, not sure if its possible, plus there are lots of free ways to get the ai legally for free on the Internet, google it

D’oh, I just realized that I was thinking AI was Artist edition, not really worth much in that case. Thanks for answering my questions though.

:slight_smile: no problem!