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Hi there,heres one i recorded and mixed probably in cubase 4 a few years back my brother is on the Yamaha DTExplorer electric drum kit, we just recorded the onboard preset sound,unfortunatly i didnt record the midi data from the kit .the guitar amp is a marshall 2000 tsl 100 watt, listening back i must have been influenced by Tom Petty a bit lol. ta

Hey Polgara, I am not at all experienced with electronic drum kits, but it sure sounds to me like somebody is playing live in a room. This song is really good. You can write! Good singing and playing as well! If you’d made that in 1979, you would have gotten a call from Jack Bruce asking about joining his lineup (well let’s admit he was calling everybody back then). You would have had to reject Ginger Baker. Ginger Baker would have come to your house and set it on fire. The mix sounds very live, or rather a 70’s or 80’s idea about live. The guitars fill out the spectrum very nicely. I love it.

Yeah, I like it too. Just the right bit of looseness to it as well.
Doubled slide is great. Amp sounds really fine too.
Nothing overdone, very honest. Deceptively catchy chorus.

Leon and Jet thanks for the very nice compliments ,There is something a lot easier about mixing a song when a real drummer has played on the track and with it been an electric kit which went down onto just a stereo track limited what i could do with it and it sounded ok anyway and seemed to make the whole process simpler than normal ,normal being programing a drum vst Instrument .
Ha ha, yes Leon i`ve seen the Beware Of Mr Baker film, what a character ,he should have been Johnny Rottens dad

I hear Joe Walsh in your voice a bit more than Tom Petty. Just listened to a band demo I played on in the 90’s that had electronic drums, and they do definitely have their own sound. Liked the solo section. Good stuff, overall.

Wasn’t that film fascinating? I’m seriously afraid of that guy!

thanks for the listen ,hey i wish i could hear Joe walsh in my voice ,i love Joe Walsh. i think it`s more the verse chord sequence and the G chord in particular along with the guitar sound that makes me think of Tom Petty. thanks

ha ha ,i love him.