Selling AXR4 Hardware Issue

Just a thought for discussion regards disposal of Steinberg hardware, for example AXR4T.

As the dspmix software licence is held on the USB dongle and the licence system related to dongle management is planned to end June 2022, for those of us who have all our licences on a single dongle, it appears we won’t be able to sell the AXR4T without giving the dongle with all our Steinberg licences as well. Basically killed any potential sale of your hardware which has elements of software on the licenser.

There may not be a big enough user base of the hardware to keep Steinberg “honest” regards this? It seems high end or loyal Steinberg users ie those with lots of licences may get punished again.

Thoughts anyone?

Steinberg have not said that the elc server will go down in June 2022, on the contrary staff has said repeatedly on the forum and elsewhere that it would be years out.

Read the New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg starting at the section, Can I continue using my eLicensers?

DSP mix fx doesn’t have a license on your elicenser. I run mine all the time without having the elicenser plugged in.

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Yeah. A lot of people are under the this mistaken impression. The license referred to above is only for the software VST FX which are duplicates of what is in the unit dsp.

Thanks for heads up Mighty-Zoltan / Steve.

Wasn’t aware that the EQ and Compressor of the Advanced FX were available from the AXR4 itself. Im assuming then the Advanced FX Suite licence is simply there to allow those plugs to be used independently of the unit in any daw software.

Interesting news on the rethink of licence changes. Personally I hope these changes get mirrored across the whole software product range as I have nearly every main Steinberg product. One of my past challenges which I solved via thunderbolt backbone cabling was sharing the dongle across computers in two separate rooms instead of keep plugging and unplugging. This position will remain until all the products on the key are migrated to new licensing which I hope will be consistent with the Cubase 12 plan.

Next challenge finding uses for the dongles in the future as by the time I would be in a position to discontinue their use, the second hand market will already have been swamped via those who have less products.