Selling Cubase 12 Pro with License Issues

Good afternoon I know we’ve been here before but I will try to keep this tidy. I wish to sell my Cubase 12 pro but keep my dorico 4 elements as I have found my Shangri-La with reason 12.

My problem is I have Cubase 11 elements on the soft elicenser and Cubase 12 pro on the new activation manager. I have a PayPal receipt from May last year when I upgraded from Cubase elements 11 to Cubase 12 pro at a cost of $493 NZ dollars and I have had to take a photo of that as PayPal do not allow screenshots.

The thing is Cubase pro 12 does not show on my e-licenser and I do not have an email to confirm purchase like I did when I upgraded from dorico 3.5 to 4 and received a tidy little receipt email. I find Cubase convoluted and I wish to sell on and I’m aware I have to deactivate it before I sell it but how do I do this when the licensing system is all over the place ? I need to be absolutely sure before I even advertise this online and last night I sold my presonus studio one 4 Professional license on a local NZ site and it was so very easy where I put in the new owner’s presonus email address in my account and presonus deducted $43 from my PayPal for my troubles but my license was sent to the purchaser immediately and the whole process transaction took 5 minutes if that.

Because Steinberg have changed the licensing system in the middle of my purchases I have got Cubase elements 11 on my soft e-licenser and on my activation manager I have got Cubase 12 pro plus dorico 4 and I have taken screenshots of everything but the only financial proof I have of purchasing Cubase 12 pro is with my PayPal account last year where it clearly states Steinberg for the upgrade $493 but it doesn’t mention Cubase 12 pro and I did not get an email receipt.

What do I do and I do know there is a selling wizard online and I am speaking 100% the truth I have purchased the software starting out with Cubase elements 11 then upgrading to Cubase 12 pro and purchasing dorico 3.5 elements and then upgrading to dorico 4 elements but all of the software is half and half on the e-licenser and on the new activation manager.

I need to be absolutely sure of this selling process so that I don’t get bad feedback on my 100% good profile with 120 sales with my site in New Zealand unless of course I go with KVR audio to sell it but even then I need to know that the information that I have got is enough to pass on the license to someone else for a worthy fee. I’m not looking for top dollar but just some sort of recompense so I can purchase some reason 12 rack extensions.

Thank you, Steph

Maybe the Resale Wizards will be of help: