Selling Cubase 7.5 - is it that easy?

Hello, I was just wondering, if you want to sell Cubase 7.5 to another person, do you have to just delete registration from your Steinberg account, keep the license on the USB eLicenser and thats it - or do you have to do something in e-licenser interface as well?

Went to knowledge base and according to my specs this should work, no word about eLicenser, so just making sure. Thanks

See this link:

I know, thats where I went, read it several times, so it is that easy :slight_smile: thanks

When you do de-register it, make sure you only tell the buyer the key, AND ONLY after you have got their money.

Yeah, it’s that easy. I sold my nuendo license that way. I did give the buyer a key with it and he registered it right when he bought it off me (came in person to purchase it)