Selling Cubase 8.5

Gday All.

I’m looking at selling my CD install version of Cubase 8.5 Artist and I’m unsure of what the potential buyer will need to do to activate it after download. It is not registered to me in my Steinberg account. Is there anything they will need to do to activate it? Or is it good to go straight away? Also would $200 AUD ( $140 US, 125 Euro ) be a fair price, as I’m struggling to find a price guide here in Oz. I have upgraded to 10 Pro, so no real use for this.

Thanks in advance.

If you have upgraded from the 8.5 version you want to sell her, then you can’ t, since that license has now become your Pro 10 license, and you no longer have an 8.5 license you could sell.

So I guess its just an expensive paper weight then.


No. you still have a license for 8.5 and all versions before 10. That’s why you didn’t have to pay the price of a new license.

Sorry. I meant the actual box with all the disks in as the “paper weight” as it is very unlikely I will go back to 8.5 Artist again. It’s a shame as I would even give it away if it meant that someone could learn and have some fun with it but that’s the way it is these days.