Selling Cubase Pro 12 that was updated from Cubase Pro 11

Earlier this year I upgraded Cubase Pro 11 to Cubase Pro 12, and am about to sell my Cubase Pro 12 license to someone else.

I understand the licenses for v11 and v12 are connected and must both be transferred to the buyer.

My question is whether the buyer would be able to install and activate Cubase Pro 12 immediately just using the Download Access Code, or would he have to wait for the dongle to arrive? Asking with respect to deciding on shipping speed and cost.

Thanks for your help!

Since it’s a one-time-use code, the answer would be no.

But it might be a moot point, really, since they can download and license the trial.

I should clarify that Steinberg has already detached the dongle from my account, and provided a new Download Access Code for me to pass on to the buyer.

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That’s great, I did not know they actually issue a new DAC as part of the resale (wizard) process. I presume it works like all DACs, so they will be able to download and license it with that code.

Kudos to Steinberg for having their s**t so together.

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Thanks, Steve. That matches my reading of the situation, but it would be good to have a definite confirmation from Steinberg or from someone else who has been involved in such a transfer (upgraded Cubase Pro 12 license), either as buyer or seller.

That makes sense – I’ve edited the title to be more specific, which will hopefully garner some replies.

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Thank you – I appreciate that!

Answer: We proceeded with the sale and my buyer reports that he was able to install and activate Cubase Pro 12 immediately using just the new Download Access Code – which is good, because it saves me the higher cost of express shipping.

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