Selling Cubase

Hi everyone, I bought an educational version of Cubase Pro 7, with a dongle and have followed the update path up to Cubase Pro 8.5. I now want to sell it for £210, but I need to know a couple of things first
A) Once I updated from v7 educational to v8.5, does it then become a full licence and not an educational version?
B) When I sell it do I de-authurise the licence from my Steinberg account?
C) Can the new owner then register the licence under his own Steinberg account and it becomes a full licence.
Any help on these matters would be aprechiated, or any buyers welcome.

Yes. This is now a full license
For the rest:

Thanks Mr Grim, second name “Reaper”? that’s cleared that up… now does anyone want to buy my copy, comes with a fully printed manual. Im going over to the darkside with Studio One.