Selling eLicenser

I am considering selling Cubase, as in selling my eLicenser and would like to just run through what I believe is the correct procedure:-

  1. Before shipping the eLicenser to the buyer you need to unregister the products that are on it and that you are selling.

  2. The buyer once he receives the eLicenser should log into and open a My Account in Steinberg.

  3. He should download and install the latest eLicenser Control Center.

  4. He should then plug in his eLicenser and run the eLicenser Control Center.

  5. Once that has done and the products are shown he should then register them at My Steinberg, Products, register eLicenser/Software.

  6. He can then download Cubase directly from his My Steinberg page.

Last question I have 2 VST Sound Instrument Set on the eLicenser being Simon Phillips Jaz Drums and Modern Jazz Essentials can the buyer use those without a problem as in register and downlaod them?

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The authoritative answer is on the SB website. Search for resale wizard.

Thanks :confused:

Unfortunately your Authoritative answer does not answer the question can you sell the VST Sound Sets that are also on the eLicenser or can the buyer use them. So perhaps someone can help me out on that one please. I don’t like bothering support on an issue like this so if someone knows then I would appreciate it. Maybe mentioning selling it is not a politicaly correct thing on the forum LOL but after all these years I should be OK.

The buyer can use any product that has a license for it on the eLicenser you give them. Including sound sets, etc.

This is legal info which is on the website, and the reason I suggested you go there was so you can be sure you have factual info from the source to share with your buyer. If you inferred my post to mean anything else, that would be incorrect.

That will do me my friend and thank you. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Steve hate to leave on a bad note but I never inferred or implied anything. On the mentioned Wizard that I had done several times before posting the question. I could not see any implication or mention as to VST Sound Sets and I thought while asking I will just check if everything else is about right?

Happy Christmas to you and yours.

As long as it´s not an educational license.

So … you’re going, Quietly?

(sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile:)


I would like you all to keep this quiet I upgraded to 10.5 to sell it :astonished: . At the moment I am playing with it and could it be booting a little quicker? Who knows and as to the colored Mixer well I cannot think for the life of me why a selected track is complete greyed out but its still an improvement. :open_mouth:

Anyway my friends I only have half a foot out of the door but the reason is simply this

Now if they could only sort out HiDPI Scaling I would keep it but the question is how long? Bearing in mind the problem is over 1 year old and now they are holding a survey. :cry:

There is a kind of hush all over the World.