Selling Halion 4 + bonus DVDs


I’m selling

Halion 4 (includes DVDs of versions 2, 3 and 4) 180€

Shipping included for EU. for the rest of the world we have to talk.

I’m not a long time user here, but I’m a honest guy, already have sold plugins on the kvr forum (user since 2005) and never had any problem, so if you feel you need this great piece of software for half of the price, do not hesitate and contact me :wink:


ps: I’m posting my selling for the second time on the forum because I think I can reach to more users willing to buy it on this forum (i guess the users on the Halion forum already own this software).

According to the terms of use you agrred when you subscribed here, you are not allowed to sell anything at all on any forum…