Selling MR816X - What does buyer need?

I am selling an MR816x after a few years of ownership. It’s in great shape. The problem is that I don’t really recall what came with the unit. I have the essentials: unit, manual, per cord, but no longer have the disk. Is it even necessary? I seem to remember just going to this site to get the latest drivers/firmware. If the disk is needed does anyone know if this can this be provided by Steinberg?

Thanks in advance for any help!

No you don’t need the disc as the drivers/software are downloadable from Steinberg, and will be more up to date than your disc anyway. Same goes for the manual. The unit and the power chord are the essentials. The Firewire cable would be a welcome bonus too (I believe that was included when I bought my 816!

That is what is what I thought. I appreciate your reply!!