Selling my Cubase and elicencer

Hi Guys - for a variety of reasons I’ve decided to sell my cubase licence and the elicencer. Largely because my macbook Pro only has two USB ports and the people I work with are all using Logic.

I have Cubase 5.5, the dongle/elicencer. All currently licensed here at Steinberg. I don’t have the discs or box, but Steinberg kindly supplied links to download everything and all was fine after installation.

The dongle lower casing is missing, but has worked this way without fault for years.

I’m looking for £140. Of course I’ll mail the licencing details, dongle and anything else I can find to anyone who wishes to buy. And I’ll let Steinberg know I’m transferring my licence to the buyer.


Hi guys - still for sale.

Need to get it sold so I’ll drop the price to £100 for anyone interested.


quite obviously rules are not for everyone - nevertheless:

And no, still no need to ruffle my hair…

I think what you should do is grass.

Only you’ll know why you felt the need to post your crap on my thread when, curiously, you were not motivated to do so on another similar thread.