Selling my Cubase license to my roommate - should I bother?

Hello everyone,

I have a Cubase Pro 11 license in my e-Licenser. I’m sharing my PC with my roommate who wants to update to Cubase Pro 12.

Typically, the C11 license has been purchased by me, but for tax reasons, I’d like the C12 update (and all the forthcoming updates) to be purchased on her name . We will continue sharing the same computer. Should I bother transferring the C11 license to her (in order to change the personal info - name, email etc.) or can she just purchase the update and apply it?


She can purchase the update. The Steinberg Online Shop is not linked with your MySteinberg account.

But, if you activate the license, you are still the owner of the license.

Thank you for your answer!