Selling Older Cubase Question ....

Hi guys,

I recently upgraded from Cubase SX3 to Cubase 6.5. Am I able to sell my old SX3 or will that negate my current licence?


The complete package would include a valid license, which you don´t have anymore, since it´s been updated from SX3 to C6 , which you are probably going to use…

That depends on if he bought a new license or not, since you cannot upgrade from 3SX to 6 unless he managed to find an old 4 or 5 upgrade in the meantime, that is a possibility.

So basically if you have 2 licenses you can sell one, if you have only one you simply have nothing to sell except manuals and media


Of course you can…

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your input. Indeed I did upgrade direct from SX3 to 6.5 (you can!).

But, alas you have answered my question and it seems I can not sell SX3 whilst retaining my 6.5 licence. Bugger!

Cheers …

No you can not. The license is on the dongle, which you must give to the person who purchaes SX3.