Selling Wave Lab 7

Hi everyone,

I was searching online and discovered you deactivate your software right here on Steinberg’s website. I did that for Wave Lab 7 and sold it to someone - including the original box, disc, guide, and USB licenser. He is having trouble activating it with the original authentication code even though I unregistered it here. Of course, I uninstalled everything off my computer as well, so I am not sure what the problem is. Can he just request a new activation code? I submitted a form to support just in case, but I was just wondering is anyone else had experience with this since it is the weekend and support will likely not respond until next week at this point in the day. Any advice would be great - thanks.

He does not need an activation code. The activation is done once then the license is on the USB key. He needs to register the USB Key number - which will of course only work, if you de-registerd it before.
Usually he just needs to follow the registration on mySteinberg.