Semantic fret positioning in D4?

Out of curiosity:
Will D4 handle fret positioning in the staff in a way the TAB will reflect it?

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I doubt you’ll hear it before the release… Could be a matter days now.

I think I didn’t use the right lingo from the start… I edited my question and hope it’s clearer now.

Even after you’ve edited your question, Eddo, I’m afraid I still don’t quite understand what you’re asking. Can you elaborate a little more on what you’re asking about? Thanks!

Sorry for my crappy English :laughing:
Maybe like this: Will D4 provide a way to indicate fret positions above an ordinary staff that are intelligently / automatically and accordingly interpreted in the TAB line?

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What you want is that you set the String property, and then Dorico shows the string indicators above the notation automatically? If so, that’s not something that we have worked on so far, no.

:thinking: … string property… ? …
… Well, it’s inter-related:
I was thinking of a guitar specific way to indicate the fret position as a Roman numeral. This in combination with a note will indeed have to be interpreted internally
– as a string property if it’s echoed in the TAB line (and/or in the staff if you want to display those circled numbers in addition to the position) and
– as a default fingering property in the staff.
You do not happen to have a degree in anatomy?

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I certainly do not have a degree in anatomy, I’m afraid, no. :slight_smile:

And this, my friend, is exactly what we need to catapult Dorico lightyears ahead of any conceivable competition… :sunglasses: