Send a program-change with MSB - LSB- Pro to VST Live from my iPad (OnSong)


Does anyone knows how to send a program change to Songs in VST Live from an iPad?
The only thing it has to do is that it send a Prgram Change so the correct song will be selected.


Hi! If you can send MIDI PrgCh to your VSTLive computer, set the Receiving MIDI port under “Connectios”, view MIDI monitor if VSTLive receives the CC signal as planned. Then
find Actions&Shortcuts from the upper dropdown menu, dive into possible control’s and choose the corresponding one :slight_smile:

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If your project contains more than 128 songs, you have to organize them in Setlists containing up to 128 songs each. Then you can link any Midi message to Setlist Select. If you choose CC0 or CC32 (MSB / LSB), it will act pretty much like a regular Bank Select, except for the limitation of 128 banks (Setlists) instead of 16384.

I doubt anyone would need 16384 Setlists of 128 songs each :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and I don’t know the actual number of songs VST Live can handle…

Of course, you also have to link Midi Program Changes (or any other Midi message) to Song Select.



Thank you for your help!!
But, where can I fill in the program change data for (example) Song 1
I want to get song 1:
MSB: 1
LSB: 1
PC: 10

For Song 2
MSB: 1
LSB: 1
PC: 11


Unfortunately, you can’t. If you assign Program Change to Song Select in the Project tab of the Actions/Shortcuts page, PC 0 will call song 1 of the current Setlist, PC 1 song 2, and so on. In VL, there’s no way to freely assign a Bank+PC number to a song, but you can order the Songs as you like in a Setlist and include empty Songs if you need to jump some numbers.

You may use a Control Change 0 or 32 to replace the current Setlist with another one, but I’m not sure it will work with a Bank Select immediately followed by a Program Change because of the time VL will take to activate another Setlist. The PC could be lost or ignored…

Ok, thanks for explaining Jihem.
That makes VL useless for me.
So I’ll stay at Gig Performer.

Kind reagrds,

Hi @Martien_ten_Wolde ! Am I right u have some multi button MIDI controller and plan to dial and start each song with the buttons directly?

As far as I know, some solution for creating marcos is planned. Also lot’s of features are getting support es week by week. So it meight worth to get back later

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Thank you!!

I’ll will try it next year again…