Send a wav file to a memory stick from within wavelab 9.5

I used to be able to do this with my old Wavelab 5. Now, it seems to send a wav to a stick, you have to get out of Wavelab and use the normal windows 10 file browser. This seems like a backward step to me. The whole (expensive) program is not as stable as Wavelab 5.1 running on XP.

How did you attempt to do this within Wavelab?

Not sure what you mean. A memory stick is just an “external hard drive” and WaveLab 9.5 can of course write onto external drives.

What I meant was: in the file browser in the top screen - in WL 5 you could right click on any track in the right hand window and it would give you the option to send it wherever you liked. If you right click a file in 9.5 you just get “create a folder”.