Send alternating pitches for same percussion hit

So I’m trying to setup a percussion map for a snare drum from east west orchestral library. Looks like this:

This works but it only sends C2 to the vst. East west percussion usually has different pitches for different hands, so for snare drum C2 is left and D2 is right hand. If you only play C2 it simulates playing with just one hand, and the result sounds terrible. What I need is to send C2 and D2 alternating to the vst, but ideally I don’t want to add a second drum to the snare drum instrument, since this doesn’t make sense in the notation. Is there any way to achieve this? It doesn’t necessarily have to be done through a percussion map, if it’s possible through some VST or effect or what not I’m okay with that.

Help would be appreciated a lot!!

Welcome to the forum, @HANA. You should be able to define the “Hit Left” and “Hit Right” playing techniques in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog for the snare drum, then input notes using those playing techniques, and Dorico will switch between them. You can’t, I’m afraid, make Dorico alternate between them without telling it explicitly for each note which playing technique it should use.

Thank you. Hmm that’s too bad yeah. I feel like it’s more on East West to at least have the option to use only one key… Anyways thanks for the help

SO EW does not have around-robin feature you can employ at the VST level?
IIRC some VST’s do.

Well the samples are always round-robin but the left and right hand are different pitches. If you try to play just one hand quickly you’ll get these weird rim hits. Which I think is on purpose to simulate a one hand roll or something like that. Haven’t found an option to just use one pitch